Amazing Angels Nursery School

Amazing Angels Nursery School – Doornpoort Pretoria

Amazing Angels Nursery School – Doornpoort Pretoria. We are a small Christian School. We strongly believe that a child thrives on loads of love and lots of intensive attention, which is exactly why we take pride in Social-Emotional and Academic development. We at Amazing Angels @ Afrokhumo offer the perfect solution in Afrikaans and English.

Amazing Angels Nursery School – Doornpoort Pretoria Info:

Babies – Gr. R
We develop, stimulate and educate from 6:30 – 17:30
Monday 6am – 5:30pm
Tuesday 6am – 5:30pm
Wednesday 6am – 5:30pm
Thursday 6am – 5:30pm
Friday6am – 5:30pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed


AGES: 4 to 13
CONTACT: Heleen 078 503 7364
Makes Maths Fun and Enjoyable
Increases IQ
Increases Concentration
Increases Confidence & Self-Esteem
Increases Problem Solving Abilities
Enhances Photographic Memory
Fills Gaps in a Lacking Foundation
We Partner with Parents to Set Children up for Success

The Abacus Maths program offers a unique approach to how maths can be taught in the South African education system. It is based on similar programs that are offered in countries such as Japan, China, Singapore, America, India and Taiwan.
Abacus maths lessons, class based lessons, one-on-one sessions, catch-up sessions, worksheets, workbooks.

Contact Details:

068 564 0490

Physical Address:
444 Airport Rd
Pretoria, 0186

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