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Tree Removal Services – Pretoria – Climbing Kavin Tree Works

Tree Removal Services – Pretoria – Climbing Kavin Tree Works is a family owned and operated tree and stump removal company. We provide a wide range of commercial and residential tree services to Pretoria and the greater Pretoria East. We aim to provide first class, friendly service to our customers. We are passionate about trees! Our advice and quotes can be trusted, because we have gained from years of practical and varied experience and training.

Give Climbing Kavin a call to discuss your requirements or send a message with our online enquiry form.
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060 585 8769

Tree Removal Services:

Tree Removals:
We have the equipment and experience for all types of tree removal, whether a tree needs to be removed because it’s a hazard or causing an obstruction.
Stump Grinding:
We grind out your tree stump in a professional way, and you can use the shavings as compost.
Tree Pruning:
To keep your trees from growing out of control, or to keep them healthy. We offer all kinds of tree pruning services.
Fruit Tree Pruning:
These trees need to be pruned annually to produce the best crop of fruit.
Site Clearances:
Contact us to do the heavy work of clearing out the brush if you are planning to develop your property.
Free Firewood:
When we remove trees we cut the wood up into 10-16 cm lengths ready for splitting. It can be collected from our job site, and if you happen to live close by we can drop it off for a small fee.

Tips to help you chose a healthy tree:
Avoid buying low-quality trees.
Identify potential issues with structure, roots and injuries.
Form is crucial for healthy life.
Inspect for injuries.
When should pruning start, and what is correct pruning?
Root issues – each type of tree has a unique root system. Look out for crowded, crushed or circling roots in an undersized root ball.

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Climbing Kavin Tree Works

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Contact Number:
060 585 8769


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